The issue of compliance when representing a company

We often talk to clients who worry about compliance issues when talking to marketing companies. Some companies say you have no choice but to follow their guidelines in regards to social media and advertising. This couldn’t be more further from the truth. The ethical dilemma with compliance, can be solved by asking yourself one SIMPLE question.

Are you allowed to purchase leads?

Yes you can. 100% you can. You want to grow your business, right?

This can be overcome in a very easy way. Let’s give you an example:

Bill works for a large financial advice company called XYZ. Bill can only post on Facebook what his company deems ‘OK’. Bill doesn’t get leads. BUT….. Bill can buy leads from a 3rd party company.
Here’s how we solve Bill’s ‘Compliance Conundrum’:

Bill creates a separate ‘PAGE’ on Facebook and gives it a name that has nothing to do with XYZ, let’s call it Bill’s Money Matters Page.

Bill pays FinWebPro to manage and launch ad campaigns, sales funnels and book appointments through Bill’s Money Matters Page. Simple. You are buying leads from FinWebPro.

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